How it works

I work relationally – wanting to journey with you as you discover new ways of understanding yourself, your relationships and the issues you have chosen to address. Throughout I want to offer you my full support on your journey and encourage you to take the steering wheel in the process.

I am interested in exploring with you what you feel has been significant in your past including your childhood, and how that might have impacted what you expect from relationships and what you believe about yourself.

I enjoy working with metaphor and creativity which may help you both to express yourself in new ways and to offer you new insights. I can offer you mindfulness exercises which you can use anytime to access stillness and I’m happy to share theoretical concepts and tools with you if you find them helpful.

Occasionally we might try to access and understand harder-to-reach feelings by safely imagining significant people and conversing with them to discover more about how you experience and respond to them emotionally.

My intention is to continuously build a therapeutically beneficial relationship with you which safely facilitates your progress towards the goal(s) we agree together at the outset.